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7 tips for smoking weed for the first time

If it’s your first time trying cannabis, or maybe the first time in a long time, worthwhile for a fast track refresher on these 8 tips (and 2 bonus tips) when consumed by lighting up thru a joint, bong or another method.

Hydrate like a mo-fo

You don’t need to tell an athlete on the benefits to keep yourself cool and hydrated. So when you think CBD, THC, add HHH to your repertoire. What is HHH? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

You’ve probably heard about dry mouth when smoking cannabis. Dry mouth will happen so super important you keep some H2O on hand before you consume. Keeping water at your quick disposal during your puff puff session will help you maintain your cooling system and prevent you from trying to fast-track your hydration. Oh, and you’ll feel better after you come down from your sessions too.

Choose your weapon wisely

If you plan to smoke your marijuana, don’t force or fast track your inhaling. You don’t run a marathon without training first, so the same applies to cannabis smoking. Start with a small amount and gradually work your way up. As you train up and advance your consumption volumes, only then be open to trying more advanced techniques like dabbing cannabis oils . Keep it simple and enjoyable. Treat it like a fine wine. You don’t chug it, but slow and steady to savor the flavour and experience.

You may not get that high?!?

THC is the chemical compound in your cannabis that alters your mindset and gives you that euphoric high feeling. When you first try cannabis, you ‘may’ not get high the first time you smoke. Why? You may not be doing it correctly, or may not be the right cannabis strain for you, or there some other reason.

An obvious, but a common one, is you can’t get the high feeling if you don’t inhale. Sure you can do edibles and have the THC hit the bloodstream, but we’re talking smoking here. So if you don’t feel like you’re getting that euphoric ‘high’, you may not be inhaling properly. You’ll know when your cannabis smoke fills the lungs, and feel that slightly burning chest feeling… then you’re more likely to get your desired effects.

When smoking cannabis for the first time, consider these cannabis strains for beginners. Be prepared for this possibility, but as you graduate into your cannabis experiences you’ll find new ways to customize your cannabis experience. And remember, if it doesn’t work the first time…be safe and try, try again.

Hang in your comfort zone

Keep yourself in good company. While the stereotype of using marijuana often paints a picture of sketchy or bad people, the last thing you want is to have your experience around these types of people. If you’re smoking cannabis in public or among people, keep good friends around that you trust, especially if it’s your first time. If you find yourself among strangers, there’s an important rule to follow: If you didn’t see it rolled or packed, don’t smoke it. This will help keep you safe and comfortable. If you don’t believe me, just Google the forums to read the experiences of others who smoked strangers or friends joint and discovered it was laced with a hard drug.

smoking a joint for the first time

Hunger strike! UberEats, DoorDash, or Grubhub

Keep your fridge, cupboard or your favourite food delivery app. ready and available. A hunger strike will hit you and there’s nothing better to experience the heightened flavours of your favorite dish or sweet tooth when it does. I admit mine is milk chocolate laced vanilla ice cream cones, covered in almonds with caramel filling. You’ll soon learn how this temptation can be overbearing, so stock up on some healthy treats just in case. If you’re smoking at home and the fridge is bare, whip out that UberEats or DoorDash and enjoy the night of a good smoke, Netflix and your favourite dishes.

You know your limits, right?

If you feel peer pressured to smoke marijuana for the first time, then just walk away. Never let peer pressure force you into anything. But if you’re simply wavering and curious, don’t feel pressured to overdo it. Your decisions should be based on what you want and need to enjoy your experience and stay safe. Plan ahead. Prep yourself with a safe place to smoke, prepare your food troves and figure out a plan what you want to do enjoy the experience; Netflix, PS4, go out to a laser show, etc. And if you’re out with friends, just because a pipe, bong or joint is being passed around doesn’t mean you have to take a hit every time, nor multiple hits.

Make the time

One of my worst experiences I had when I lit up for a quick puff, puff, was finding out 20 minutes later I was late for an important family meeting. It was one of those few most paranoia experiences I had. I swear till today, my mother knew something was up, so if you’ve never smoked a joint, or a newbie, remember you may be unfamiliar on exactly how you’ll react. So block off the time, clear your calendar, set up a safe environment at home or with friends, before you enjoy your first-time cannabis experience.

And even if you have a cleared schedule, it’s a very real possibility that you’ll get sleepy and doze off at some point. Remember, there are key traits in sativa and indica, and some strains are known for relaxation and sweep you off to nice deep sleep. So if you have a job interview or an important place to be later that day…don’t light up. Good chance others will either smell it or see it in your actions…and worst yet, never put yourself or others in a risky or dangerous situation. Even if you don’t fall asleep, you’ll be likely to feel heavy-bodied and lethargic. Be sure to make yourself comfortable and clear your schedule so you can enjoy your cannabis experience.

These are just 7 of the most common tips to remember when trying marijuana for the first time….or like I said, the first time in a long time. Yes, there are other good times avid cannabis smokers can tell you, but the above is a good place to start. Oh, and one last bonus tip… people tend to fall in love with their first time. You might, too, so be ready to start a new adventurous relationship, whether for recreational use or medical use (though always consult a doctor first).

Got other good (and bad) tips to share with others who will smoke cannabis for the first time? Comment below to share your experience.

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