Sativa vs indica cannabis

Part 2: Which has more THC & CBD, sativa or indica cannabis strains?

Your guide to cannabis types; sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis

In part 1 of our guide to cannabis types; sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis, we covered the differences between sativa vs. indica, the history, how to select the right strain and the different effects each delivers. In part two, we’ll shift into second gear learn more about the main DNA of each cannabis type (THC and CBD), and differences between which offers more (or less) of the benefits both THC and CBD deliver.

Mainstream cannabis users will often have a difference of opinions between sativa and indica related to which one offers greater THC or CBC impact. It’s important to know the differences and understand the benefits and drawbacks if you’re to find the cannabis strains to tailor to your needs; recreational or medical properties.

The latest research from lab test data indicates that neither sativa or indica holds more THC or CBD over the other. This is not too much of a surprise when you consider the varying difference of opinions between cannabis users. But let’s break it down so that the next time you’re in search of the right cannabis strain for your purpose, you’re more informed to make the best choice.

What strain effects do indica and sativa deliver?

Shopping for a cannabis strain and using the cannabis types of indica or sativa as an indicator or predictor of the effect you seek is not reliable. Often I hear consumers complaining their local dispensary duped them with unknowledgeable staff, or product inconsistencies with select branded cannabis products, whether the flower itself, prerolls or edibles. But before you jump the gun to point blame at the dispensary or product brand, keep in mind making your decision on a cannabis strain to give you the desired effect should not be solely based on if the strain is an indica or sativa. Sure, both cannabis types may look different, but don’t judge the effects from just its looks.

To remove the indica vs. sativa effect debate, just hop over to POW’s to find strains that will create your next cannabis experience . Just use the filters to create your selection of strains that deliver specific positive effects (ex. I want to feel happy or creative or uplifted), and negative effects (ex. strain’s that don’t leave a headache) as shared from the public experience. It’s a good tool for recreational users to find strains that create your desired mood, or for medical purposes find cannabis strains that public opinion have shared that helps with various medical symptoms or conditions.

Researchers have published information on this exact topic, where the common thread found from the reseach community is that the sativa and indica labels are utilized in retail markets and commerce is nonsense. The clinical effects of the cannabis chemovar have nothing to do with whether the plant is tall and sparse vs. short and bushy, or whether the leaflets are narrow or broad.

You don’t need to look too far to see simply see any linkage between plant type and effect is bogus because of the chemical profiles.

Differences between CBD and THC found in indicas and sativas

Differences of sativa vs. indica in cannabis strains

Leafly has also published through Confidence Analytics the following chart that shows if there are any major differences in CBD abundance for CBD-containing strains:

CBD contents by strain type
Source: Leafly

This shows even more proof-points that indicas, on average, produce 0.4% more CBD than sativas, hybrid strains produced slightly more. This isn’t enough to get the opposite effects in the two strains that people perceive.

How to shop for cannabis when seeking a desired mood or experience?

The important things as a consumer shopping for marijuana to create the desired mood should be based on potency, dose, and chemical profile. For example, if you have anxiety and want to avoid an uncomfortable experience, look for more CBD and less THC. offers consumers the online marijuana tool to create your next cannabis experience. Filter thousands of strains and cannabis products by the mood you want to create (ex. happy, creative, giggle, etc), including removing any negative effects some strains tend to leave. smell and taste.

Try using the above tool to guide you, or when visiting your next dispensary check the potency to guide you. You may find that a strain packing 25% THC isn’t as enjoyable as that very fragrant strain offered at 16%, or the balanced THC/CBD variety that provides 10% of each cannabinoid.

Shopping by strain name can be a reliable way to get the effects you want. For example, if you want to create a mood from marijuana that makes you feel energetic and aroused, 12 strains offer this positive effect; Silver Calyx, The Gift, Blue Galaxy and 9 others. Take it a step further, and find a strain that fits the above and tastes like strawberries, you’ll find Pink Hawaiian is your go-to strain.

If anyone tells you cannabis is not a personal experience, they’re lying. It depends on how you choose your strains. I hope this part 2 on sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis strains helped give you a new perspective and more informed to find the perfect strain for your purpose. Now you have the right info and tools available to help you create the experience you want…or desire.

And if you have other ways that help you personally to find the perfect strain for your experience, share below with others. Its a growing and evolving community as more research and users experience become available and published.

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