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Smoking cannabis? Top 5 ways to reduce the smell of weed

Legal marijuana still has a long way to go before the stigma associated is as normalized as alcohol. Even after a year of legalization in Canada and some states, there is still that shock effect when you smell cannabis in public and look over the shoulder to see someone smoking a fat joint. Some people will take issue with the smell of cannabis when you smoke, whether in public or at home with your neighbors. Rather than stop smoking weed completely and switching up to edibles or another means to consume your marijuana, there are a few things you can do to reduce the smell it lighting up.

Whether your smoking weed for the first time or a novice, one the more popular ways to reduce the smell of marijuana is to try a sploof. A sploof is a small device that includes carbon fibers. You simply blow through one end and a wisp of smoke comes out the other end. I admit, it’s not 100% effective, but it can help make a difference.

Eco Four Twenty sploof

The Eco Four Twenty is a sploof with “aircraft-grade aluminum casing” and includes a “2 stage medical-grade filter.” It’s more expensive than the Smokebuddy, buuuuut it has a replaceable cartridge system that uses activated carbon and HEPA and a slightly longer shelf life for up to 500 exhales.

Eco Four Twenty sploof
The Eco Four Twenty is an easy-to-use sploof that filters odors and smoke using a 3 stage activated carbon HEPA filter.

Aside from the Eco Four Twenty sleek jet black look-n-feel, smaller than the Smokebuddy (below), comfortable to use and the replacements actually cheaper than purchasing a new Smokebuddy sploof. Yup, it’s eco-friendly!

Ok, the downside to the Eco Four Twenty is that the filter lasted less than a week of regular use when I tested, contradicting the claim of 500 exhales. If you’ve tried the Eco before and had a longer lifecycle as me, share your experience in the comments area below.

The Echo Four Twenty spoof costs est. $27 USD, and comes with two replacement cartridges.

Smokebuddy sploof

Smoke buddy spoof to reduce the smell of weed
Smoking weed? The SmokeBuddy helps reduce the smell of marijuana.

If you think about trying a sploof, you’ll find Smokebuddy as a good option Smokebuddy is a popular brand found in most smoke shops across Canada and America. It’s small enough to cup in hone hand but just big enough to fit in in your pocket. The aesthetics of a Smokebuddy comes in a variety of creative designs, sort of like those spinners, so you have options to find one that matches your style.

The sploof is not perfect as its typically good for 100-300 puffs and it’s for one-time use only. It’s not the easiest on the wallet though ($12-$24) considering you will need to replace it after a good session. And for the eco-warrior in all of us, the carbon filter cannot be replaced so no replaceable cartridges and the plastic shell is not recyclable once you’ve finished with it.


Sploofy 3rd generation
Sploofy V3 is the first-ever personal air filter with an eco-friendly, replaceable cartridge system. The V3 filter cartridge housing uses zero plastic and the cartridges are guaranteed to last longer than any other filter in its class.

Sploofy is well-loved by its tribe of fans and one of the first competitors to the Smokebuddy.

The Sploofy is now in its third generation and has improved greatly since its first-generation product. What’s new? It now offers a HEPA filter.

Testing the Sploofy, I lost track of how many puffs I could over. But, from what I’m told it should last for quite some time. If you’ve tried the Sploofy and can tell us, share your experience in the comments below.

Size-wise, the Sploofy is taller than the Smokebuddy, and the filter appears larger, which I assume means you’ll get more mileage out of it.

The cost? Sploofy V3 runs about $20 USD, and didn’t find it came with any additional cartridges.

Home hack: DIY sploof solution

DIY sploof, toilet paper rolle and laundry sheets.
Deal with the smell of weed with your own homegrown DIY sploof

Just save your next empty toilet paper roll, 2-4 dryer sheets, and elastic bands. That’s it. Stuff the roll with dryer sheets, add a few extra sheets to the end of the roll with elastic bands and put the elastic around the roll to secure it in place.

The bonus win with this DIY sploof is that not only will you reduce the smell of weed when smoking your next joint, but the dryer sheets odor will also help cover up any smell from the smoke that passes thru.

I admit it’s not as air-tight as an OEM brand sploof, but your Macgyver skills may be just enough to mask the smell in your place.

So what sploof is the best? Hard to say as each has different features to offer that may appeal to your personal preference; small vs. large, grip vs. no grip, sleek cosmetic design vs. vanilla, replaceable cartridges vs. throw-away, etc., etc. In the end, try these sploof’s yourself to see what one is best for you and accommodates your needs, and how effective it delivers on its core purpose, which is to reduce the smell of weed wherever you area.


Haven’t heard of Angel? I;m not surprised. The Angel sploof if the new kid on the block. This smaller sploof is pocket-friendly, a solid grip and presumed the smaller size means it has a shorter life (unconfirmed cause sometimes size doesn’t matter).

If you want to learn how to make a sploof, check out the following YouTube video to follow the step-by-step instructiosn to build your own sploof.

So if you’re like me and addicted to Youtube’s life hacks, you’ll find this DIY sploof option to reduce the smell of weed a cool option. The great thing with this option is you should have all the material you need at home already.

The Angel retails at est $20, has 4.5 / 5 star rating of 45 reviews, and touts an improved filter capacity (400+ uses), biodegradable filter housing and includes a mouthpiece, protective cover, and cartridge.

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